King Bee Ventures, Inc. brings together a family business tradition from the 1950's.  We provide professional services to our customers.  Our small but dedicated staff have over 100 years' experience combined executing the services we provide.

The name 'King Bee' comes from a beverage brand "King Bee" created and owned by the founder's grandparents in the 1950's.  This is believed to be the nick name of the late Billie George King, the founder's grandfather, who served as a CB or 'Sea Bee' in the US Navy during WWII.  The name insignia on his uniform during his service as a 'Sea Bee' read King, B. and the name stuck.

King Bee Foundation




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Collectables are available at our main office and can be available for purchase by appointment.  On-line Sales coming soon!


There was a dream once of Margret Towell King to have a family oriented organization that focused exclusively on providing needs for families in need.  King Bee Foundation is the realization of that dream.  Contact Us for more information on our efforts.